“About Last Night” eyeshadow palette by Marc Jacobs Beauty

Last night was about about discovering a great beauty homonym, that is the « About Last Night » eyeshadow palette by Marc Jacobs Beauty. I swear that I did not have insider information from the brand when I started the blog some weeks ago. But when I found out that Marc Jacobs launched a holiday makeup collection called the same as the blog, I was glad to be on the same page (literally) as one of the most interesting fashion/trend designers of our time. So let’s take the occasion to focus on some of Marc Jacobs’s major creative landmarks (no need to say that this is not a beauty post and that it is not sponsored).

"About Last Night" holiday collection - Marc Jacobs Beauty
“About Last Night” holiday collection – Marc Jacobs Beauty

The particularity with Marc Jacobs is a certain sense of modernity. Since he started in fashion some 30 years ago (already !), it is like he always knew what was coming ahead, and made a great business out of it.
The weight luxury groups would take in the fashion business : he was one of the first young designers to be appointed for a giant brand by becoming Louis Vuitton’s creative director in 1997 (he left in 2014 to focus on his own brand).
The critical role of art in fashion. Both fields have always moved together, but he was again the pionneer in making it a clear (and at first controversial) business by asking Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse among others to collaborate with Louis Vuitton. At a time when fashion desperately needed to make sense (and sales), he opened a new window.

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Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

The place of digital : here again Marc Jacobs was connected well-ahead of the fashion world, who remained dusty and old school until the millennial hit it by storm. By a smart use of social media and e-commerce, Marc Jacobs reached a wider and younger audience, notably with the launch of his beauty brand in 2013. The latest addition to his digital reign is an online casting for his campaign and official vloggers. That’s what you call being smart through a phone.

Cast me Marc!
Cast me Marc! on Instagram

The importance of individuality : looking at the social networks now, it seems obvious that fashion is more about an individual than a tribe. But it is again Marc Jacobs who put forward strong personalities in his campaigns, simply because they inspired him, without a care for their stardom level, their age, or their skin color. Back in 2013, he notably featured his friend Winona Ryder in his beauty campaign, putting her on the first step to renaissance, 14 years after her demise for shoplifting… A Marc Jacobs sweater.

Winona Ryder by David Sims for Marc Jacobs Beauty, 2013
Winona Ryder by David Sims for Marc Jacobs Beauty, 2013

The stress on words and irony : fashion and beauty are not about images alone ; it is the dialog between the brand, its words and its image that make it stand out. By always playing with the name of the products, the size of the letters, and the image of the brand itself without the fear of damaging it, Marc Jacobs has made himself highly recognizable, and always controversial, while maintaining an irony that keeps it all at the good level : after all, fashion is not about curing cancer…But is it, really ?
The commitment Marc Jacobs made to causes that matter to him through fashion was also a pretty modern idea. When he asked his famous friends (Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus…) to pose naked for T-shirts entitled « Protect the skin you’re in »in 2006 in order to raise awareness about breast cancer, it was a fashion statement as well as a great attitude. The T shirts went sold out and the benefits straight to NYU Langone Medical Center.

Miley Cyrus for "Protect the skin you're in"
Miley Cyrus for “Protect the skin you’re in”

All in all, Marc Jacobs has proved that fashion is all about imagination and trespassing the boundaries. By doing so he usually makes sense in a world that does not. And that is more that we can ask for.

Marc Jacobs « About Last Night » eyeshadow palette, 20 shades, 99$

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